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In the 2019 season, three major trips, each of them at a great price of 30 € !!!

All-day tours 




In the morning around 9:00 am, we meet in the center of Argostoli and go to the port to see and meet Barb, Kostas and Artemis – wonderful sea turtles Caretta caretta! Here we have several minutes to take pictures and listen to some information about biology and protection of this species. Our next stop is Katavothres, this is where we get to know the story that links this place with Lake Melissani. The next stop is the St. Teodore Lighthouse – Fanari – we stop here for a moment to take souvenir photos. We turn back and head towards Sami. Another stop is the Drogarati cave and then Melissani. Coming in the direction of Assos, we make a short stop at the viewpoint on Myrtos to capture this wonderful view! The next point is Assos, but first we stop at the viewpoint from which we can see the entire peninsula. In the town itself we have an hour of free time – for those willing to take a coffee or a short trip to the top of the peninsula, to see the Venetian castle. Then we are heading to the Myrtos beach, where it is possible to eat dinner and rest and swim in the sea (expected free time about 2 hours). Around 5:00 pm we return to Argostoli.

9:00 am – Argostoli – Caretta caretta sea turtles – Kathavothres – St. Teodore Lighthouse – Drogarati Cave – Melissani Cave – Myrtos (viewpoint) – Assos (viewpoint) – Assos (free time) – Myrtos (lunch, rest, free time) – Argostoli – 5 pm

Price: 30 euro / adult, 15 euro / child 2-12 years *

* The price does not include entrance tickets to Drogarati and Melissani, the price does not include a meal



Projekt bez tytułu (3)

In the morning at 9:00 we set off from Argostoli to the city of Lixouri. On the way, we learn about Kefalonia, the city of Lixouri itself and its conflict with Argostoli. In Lixouri, we have about 30 minutes of free time for a walk in the main square and drinking a delicious freddo cappuccino! Then we go to the south of the peninsula Paliki, to the beach Xi, one of the most recognizable because of the red sand. Here we have about 1.5 hours of free time for a bath or a clay spa. Another point of our trip is the unattached Platia Ammos beach. We go down to the viewpoint to take souvenir pictures. The next stop is the Kipoureon Monastery, built on a scarp at 95 meters. Here we visit the monastery, we get to know its turbulent history, for those willing to go on a short journey along the trail marked by the monastery, which leads to the wonderful viewpoint. The last point of the trip is Petani beach, considered one of the most beautiful in all of Kefalonia! On the beach free time about 2 -2.5 hours, the possibility of eating dinner in the tavern. Return to Argostoli around 5:00 pm.

9:00 am – Argostoli – Lixouri (free time) – Xi beach (free time) – Viewpoint to the beach of Platia Ammos – Kipoureon monastery – Petani beach (free time, lunch) – Argostoli – 5 pm

Price: 30 euro / adult, 15 euro / child 2-12 years *

* The price does not include fees for lunch or drinks




In the morning at 9:00 we set off from Argostoli to the small church of St. Barbara. We go down between the huge rocks and feel the uniqueness and loftiness of this place! Then we go to the church of St. Gerasimos. We stop there to learn about the history and see the monastery. Then we drive to the castle of St. George, bypassed by all travel agencies. We go to the very top to see the beautiful views. Another stop is the art museum, which is one of the secret places on the island, and we are the first to have direct access to it! After viewing the exhibits, we head to the Ionion Center of Arts and Culture for a short film screening about the history of the island and fauna and flora. Here, we also taste local products and we are the first to taste wines of the family production of Ainos Wines prepared especially for the customers of Ecotravel Kefalonia! After tasting, you can buy wines. Then we go to one of the beaches of the southern coast – here, free time about 2 hours. After a nice and full of history, culture and art, we return to Argostoli – 5pm

9:00 am – Argostoli – Church of St. Barbara – Ag. Gerasimos – Castle of St. George – The Secret Art Museum – Ionion Center of Arts and Culture (movie + tasting of local products and wines) – Beach – Argostoli – 5 pm

Price: 30 euro / adult, 15 euro / child 2-12 years *

* The price includes entrance tickets to the Art Museum and the Ionion Center for Arts and Culture


Half-day tours

Half-day trips are held according to the tour schedule in a specific hour. There is always the possibility of changes in the calendar depending on the number of people willing to go on a given trip.


Cephalonia Mix – 6 hours

Combination of  2 excursions: the Kefalonia Pearls and the Secret Places of Kefalonia. An option for people who want to see the most important attractions and places not yet discovered in a short time!


Argostoli – St. Teodore Lighthouse  – The Secret Art Museum – Ionion Center of Arts and Culture – Drogarati Cave – Melissani Cave – Myrtos (viewpoint) – Argostoli

Price: 25 € / adult, 12.5 € children 2-12 years old *

* The price does not include entrance tickets to Drogarati Cave and Melissani

* The price includes entrance tickets to the Secret Art Museum and the Ionion Center for Arts and Culture

Quick Kefalonia Tour – 4 hours

The shortest trip in our offer. Express rate combined with the maximum amount of information on the biggest attractions of Cephalonia, called by us the Three Pearls! An ideal option for those who value more rest on the beaches and want to see only what is most associated with the island.


Argostoli – Myrtos (viewpoint) – Drogarati Cave – Melissani Cave – Argostoli

Price: 20 € / adult, 10 € children 2-12 years old *

* The price does not include admission tickets to the Drogarati and Melissani caves


Options for more demanding – private tours

The above proposals do not constitute all of our offers! A few days a week there is an option for a trip in the Private version! It is a trip with a van for a maximum of 6-7 people, during which we make a program on request. This means that you can choose any place to visit. The program must be within 8 hours (possible extension to 10 hours). Required minimum number of participants – 4 people (Note: Each trip can be made for fewer people, but then the price of the trip per person increases – for calculation, please send an e-mail with a question or please contact us by phone). Below we present our Eco proposals for trips in the Private version:

  1. Fteri beach – a phenomenon among all the beaches of Kefalonia. Our absolute favorite! Wandering along the trail designated by tourists for a fabulous beach reminiscent of the most beautiful beaches – Mytos or Petani! If you are a type of hiker and explorer, you want to explore the nature of Kefalonia and then relax on the uncrowded beach – it will be the perfect trip for you! The trip takes place with two guides who, if necessary, will be able to belay and guide the route.

2. Undiscovered Kefalonia – the Ainos mountains + a hike to one of the hidden beaches. Entering the car to the very top of the Ainos mountains, observation of Kefalonia from the viewpoint, for those who want to stop the car much earlier and then on foot we go to the top! Then we drive down the car and go to the next route, which we will go to one of the wild beaches!

3. Famous Kefalonia – meaning Fiskardo, Assos, Agia Efimia, Myrtos, Melisssani, Drogarati, Lassi. We start our journey in the direction of Fiskardo, a famous fishing village made famous by many celebrities in the north of Kefalonia. Then we go to the next picturesque village of Ag. Efimia, where we have free time, for example for coffee and something sweet. The next stop is Myrtos from the viewpoint, which is one of the most photographed of Greek beaches. After capturing the beautiful view, we go to Assos, another village considered the most picturesque. Next we set off to the cave Meslissani and Drogarati, and at the end of the trip we stop at the largest beach in Lassi.

These are not tour programs, but loose proposals that can be useful in setting up your own plan. We do not have any restrictions, everything depends on your enthusiasm and imagination!

Private tours are subject to individual pricing (depending on the number of participants, duration and tour program)


What else do we offer?

These are not all our offers.

If you are going on unorganized holidays and you have to get from the airport to your accommodation, you should ask us about the possibility of an airport transfer.

In addition, if you need the transfer itself, for example to the beach or elsewhere, it is also possible – please send an inquiry.

We work with:

  • Greekstones – rent a car and Unicorn renting scooters, motorbikes and quads – you need a transport during your holiday, check the offer in the vehicle rental tab;
  • family-owned company producing the best local Kefalonia wines with a traditional recipe, exceptional taste and attractive price – Ainos Wines;
  • Ionion Center for Arts and Culture – the center of culture and the focal point where art and history of Kefalonia meet, here you will learn how to receive stimuli while on vacation, feel the spirit of the island and free all your senses!
  • Galaxy Hotel, Dallas Hotel and other accommodation on the island – it is here that people work, who will help in any situation, give valuable tips on how to explore Kefalonia without haste and make you feel at home after a long day of hiking!


To book a given trip, please fill out the booking form in the RESERVATION link above or contact us by phone: +306994775750

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